Let's Science our Environment

Day 5 - Lissabon and a vegan burger

Johanna Ehrhardt - 2022-05-13

Friday was the day of departure, which began with free time that we could use for shopping or packing our suitcases. Around 11 am, the English and the Germans left the hotel by bus towards the airport. The Danish and the Spanish had already left.

When we arrived at the airport, we dropped the English girls off and said goodbye to them. Because we hired the bus for the whole day and had an obliging bus driver, he took us on a bus tour of Lisbon.

So we drove past cool sights like the Cristo Rei, the seventh-tallest statue of Jesus in the world. We also passed a large monument on the River Tagus, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos.

Then we made a break in Belém in front of a very impressive and long building, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. After we had taken a group photo together, we had lunch. In a nearby restaurant, we ate delicious vegan food, as we had done several times in the days before. The previous evening, at the fair, Finn ate a normal, non-vegan burger. Now, when we looked at the menu, Finn said that he was hungry for a burger. However, he was unsure whether he would like to try a vegan one because he likes eating meat and has never eaten a vegan burger. We convinced him that the fact that he had never eaten a vegan burger had to be changed immediately. Since it is also better for the environment, he finally tried the vegan burger. To our satisfaction, after he had eaten the burger very quickly, he explained that it tasted a thousand times better than the “normal” burger he had eaten the day before. With that, we accomplished several good things… A little less meat was eaten, we were able to protect the environment a bit, in line with our project, and we all had a lot of fun.

After lunch, the bus took us past the Rossio, so the square Praça Dom Pedro IV.

Again and again we could enjoy the beautiful purple blossoming jacaranda trees.

At around 3 pm we reached the airport, breathed in the Portuguese air for the last time and a little later took off in the plane towards Düsseldorf in Germany, where we landed well at 10 pm.