Let's Science our Environment

Day 4 - Paper Mill & Environmental Centre

The spanish students - 2022-05-12

On Thursday we went to the paper mill museum where we learnt how paper was originally made by using a mixture of cloth and water, which created a papier-mâché type substance. We also learnt about how before paper was even made there, people used to make flour there and we got to see how exactly it was made and even watched a demonstration of it. When we were watching the lady make paper other people from our group were allowed to make it too including one of the girls from our group.

Once we finished at the paper mill museum we went to the environmental interpretation centre which was next door. We learnt about the effects that littering has on the environment. And how even when plastic has been in the sea for decades the shape and appearance of the original model does not change at all.

After we finished at the environmental interpretation centre we had some free time and some lunch before we walked to the city hall. When we were at the city hall we got to speak to a member of the city council and were given a gift bag from them too. We then received a scavenger hunt list which we had to go all around the city of Leiria. This also included a trip up to the remains of Leiria castle.

In the evening we went back to the school where the student’s parents cooked traditional meals, which were very tasty. We were also surprised with performers of Fado music (traditional Portuguese Folk music), everyone danced together and it was a brilliant way to end the last night in Portugal.