Let's Science our Environment

Day 2 - Henning Larsen

Hanna Brunk - 2022-12-01

On our second day in Copenhagen, we first went to the Henning Larsen architecture office, which is one of the most known architecture offices in Denmark. There we heard a presentation about CO2 reduction in the construction industry. It dealt for instance with the proposal to build a green roof consisting of plant. Furthermore, the architect talked about sustainable building materials. As an example, he showed us a building where the walls were made out of straw. We all thought this was a really great presentation, and we are thankful for this offer.

After that, the Danish students prepared a city tour and showed us the most common landmarks. Likewise, we saw “Nyhavn” a district which is famous for its colorful buildings, the Statue of Christian X, the castle Amalienborg and the “Frederiks Kirke”. We also went through the Freetown “Christiania”. This is a community and micronation in Copenhagen known for its open trade of cannabis, which is illegal in Denmark.

For the rest of the day, we had free time and explored the city on our own.