Let's Science our Environment

Day 5 - Last day in Denmark

Clara McCubbin - 2022-12-01

On our last day, all of the students packed their bags and got to reception. We all sat down for breakfast and enjoyed our last meal together. After that, we said goodbye to the first groups that had to leave early that morning, the German group and the Portuguese. Due to the time of departure of their respective planes, the English and Spanish students had one last activity remaining, a boat tour of the Nyhavn canal. We sailed past the Little Mermaid statue, the Amalienborg Palace, the Opera...

Each group had the rest of the morning to enjoy their last visit around the city and met in the hostel shortly after in order to get their bags and make their way to the airport. 

We are so grateful that we’ve had this opportunity in a city as beautiful as Copenhaguen, we have formed new bonds with young people from different countries and had the chance to travel and live new experiences.