Let's Science our Environment

Day 4 - Bremen

The spanish students - 2022-03-04

On Thursday 3rd of March all of the students met at the Bremerhaven train station and took a train headed to Bremen. 

When we arrived, we went to the Übersee-Museum, a Natural History and ethnographic museum, and split into two groups. The first group were the Portuguese, Danish and English students, they had a tour of the museum while the rest looked around on their own. Then the German and Spanish students had the tour of the museum. 

After finishing approximately at 13:30 we walked all together to the center of Bremen, the Market Square,  and we were settled free for a couple of hours. We visited the old city center, stranded through the narrow streets full of history and learnt about the story of The Town Musicians of Bremen.

After walking all over the city and taking photos of everything, we met with the rest and headed back again to the train station and after 30 minutes we were back in Bremerhaven.