Let's Science our Environment

Day 3 - Visiting a wastewater treatment plant

Guiu Lain - 2023-03-17

On the 1st of March, 2023, all the students went by coach to the water treatment plant near the Llobregat river. There we were divided into two groups. One started visiting the plant and the other one stayed in a room learning about the cycle of water. 

The people in charge of the educational project showed us the cycle of water, and how important the job of the water treatment plants is to protect us and the sea from the microorganisms or the waste that our society constantly throws into the rivers, toilets, etc.

After that, the groups switched roles, and now the ones that visited the plant went to the lesson about the cycle of water and the other ones continued with a visit through the plant. 

They showed us what they do every day with all the water that comes from the Metropolitan area, which is the region with the highest number of habitants in Catalonia. 

We were able to see all the processes that the sewage plant does, from receiving the dirty water, to the point that it is able to return it to the sea. There are a lot of steps to clean the water, like taking out all the wipes or removing the oil and the fat. Although it was such an interesting experience, we felt the bad smell of all the waste 😅.

Overall, we learned a lot about how important these non-visible plants are not only for the sea and the marine ecosystem, but also to preserve our health from a lot of diseases.