Let's Science our Environment

Day 2 - German Emigration museum

UK group - 2022-03-02

In the morning, all groups presented information about their schools and their stance on climate change. We also told each other what has been done to try and help the environment in the local area and school. A quiz was done which showed our knowledge on climate change, greenhouse gases and contributing factors to these environmental issues. 

Afterwards, we began to walk to the German emigration centre and saw the harbour on our way there. Soon after we had eaten our lunch, we then went on a guided tour around the centre. We learnt about how many people of different nationalities left Bremerhaven to go to countries such as the USA, Russia, Australia and many more. We saw the hardships people endured when leaving Bremerhaven and the struggles they faced including the living conditions on these ships which transported them to these new countries. It was very fun yet informative and interesting as we were able to see the lives of many who left Germany and emigrated to different nations around the globe. This made us reflect on why many people had to migrate and even how this links to the present as more people are migrating due to environmental issues.