Let's Science our Environment

Day 1 – Coming together and a perspective for the week

Carla Büsch and Jonas Liebegott - 2022-03-01

We are very happy to tell you about the very first meeting of the Erasmus+ project. For many of us the day began very early, because a lot of the students had to take a plane to get to Bremerhaven. After additional bus and Train rides we finally met at our wonderful youth hostel near the sea with a view on the ships. We used the first hours to get a lay of the land in Bremerhaven, we got to see the museums, the harbour, and the beautiful sunset. Although we didn’t get to eat dinner together due to corona, we were very happy to get to know each other afterwards. We played a few games already touching on the matter of the climate crisis and personal action and spend the evening playing games and chatting with one another. We are very much looking forward to deepening these relationships in the following days. We will keep you posted!